Portable Crusher Plant

Portable Crusher Plant

Portable crusher plant is a kind of novel rock crushing equipment, greatly expand the coarse crushing operation concept.Its design principle is standing in customer's position, eliminate the broken out of the place, the environment gives customers broken homework barriers as a first solution, and to provide efficient and low cost project operating hardware facilities.

Portable Crusher introduced to eliminate the cumbersome when broken steel frame structure and foundation construction, save a lot of time.Mobile crushing plant can be directly selected site, direct drive to the scene, without transport, directly to the finished product granularity.Especially suitable for crushing area is small, suitable for construction waste, construction waste crushing processing.Mobile crushing station at the same time, greatly reduces the cost of investment, but increased the investment income.

Application Of Portable Crusher

Portable Crusher is a multi-stage bulk material and check the discharge mining equipment according to certain specifications for screening of mining machinery equipment, it is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water conservancy, electric power often need to move materials processing business, especially the flow of highway, railway, water and electricity engineering stone standing business, customers can deal with the raw material, according to the size and the requirements of different types of materials, finished products use a variety of configurations.

Portable Crusher can solve urban rubbish

zenith technology developed comprehensive construction waste processing and application technology, the use of domestic stereotypes processing equipment, combined with the characteristics of construction waste, will feature different combinations of mineral processing equipment for process, through the programmable controller system for automatic control of building garbage sorting processing, the process can be characterized according to the characteristics of the current composition of construction waste will brick, concrete, sand and gravel, sediment and other sorting, and then after sorting products, classification applications, processed into building recycled aggregates, building materials mortar, concrete, three-hole brick, fired brick building, the utilization of construction waste can reach 100%.